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get more time

6 Tips To Have More Time To Do What Matters Most

A few years ago, I looked for a way to have more time. I didn’t want more time for some grand reason. I wanted more time to spend it quick. Make it rain into the future. I was sick. It was serious. And I…

Life Mind

It All Starts Here With You. Where Will You Be?

Here holds plenty of room for all we are. Here holds our deep desire to know we can last. The long wait of lasting will always start with the simple act of staying. The first sentence was six years in the making. The second,…

stay in the moment

3 simple ways to stay in the moment

Why is it hard to stay in the moment? Staying is hard. It depends on perspective; what we see is subject to change. Hurrying is easy.  How fast can we get through the program, job, article, workouts, whatever? What is worth our attention, passion,…

slow living

What does slow living mean and can it work for you?

Slow living doesn’t mean you need more time or a different life. We slow down when we go on vacation, get sick or a loved one dies. Slow living is a search for more meaning when our lives change or we want our lives…

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