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3 highly effective habits to have in hard times

3 Highly Effective Habits to Have in Hard Times

How do you respond to resistance in your life? It’s not the first time someone has asked me this question. When the life you have melts off of you like skin on fire, people want to know. I don’t respond to resistance like a…

go deep

Diving Lessons: The Practice Of Going Deep

I never expected to sign up for diving lessons. I don’t even like the water. At 11, I got caught in a wave. They’ve given me the creeps ever since. But I haven’t got away from the need to go deep.   Diving lessons…

Life Mind

It All Starts Here With You. Where Will You Be?

Here holds plenty of room for all we are. Here holds our deep desire to know we can last. The long wait of lasting will always start with the simple act of staying. The first sentence was six years in the making. The second,…


Getting Past Road Blocks With Your Sanity Intact

It can happen anywhere. It can occur when you least or most expect it. It can be daytime or dark. You’ve chosen a route for your life but there are roadblocks. You can no longer go the way you planned, preferred or perceived. Whenever…

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