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one brilliant way anyone can get more out of life
Life Time

One Brilliant Way Anyone Can Get More Out Of Life

There’s one brilliant way anyone can get more out of life. But we forget it’s skill comes from it’s size. That big change starts small. Start now. Discover now is enough. It’s simple and helpful. But still hard. How else would we know what’s…

choose best let go rest

How to Choose What’s Best and Let Go of The Rest

There’s never one right choice to make. You put too much pressure on yourself. Take another deep breath. You have to define what’s best for yourself. Most importantly, look for context. It changes. But the power of choice never does. So the next time…


These 7 Sentences Get You To Where You Belong

You’re closer to where you belong than you think. Mere sentences. Seven to be exact. There’s no use writing anything else here. Now you want to know what the sentences are. Read on to find them. Where do you belong? It’s like when we…


10 Life-Changing Discoveries About Loss

We never know when a moment will change our lives. We can feel anything we want about losing something. Our experiences are meant to show us how we feel, not tell us how to feel. Loss is a trip wire, a trap, and a…


Read 5 Books For Reconnecting To Right Now

There are lots of different reasons to read. Books give us opportunities to be more and be enough. Some books know who we are and other ones help us find who we are. One of the best qualities of books is they can be…


Belonging In The Right Place At The Right Time

I struggled with what was right for a long time. Belonging in the right place at the right time was a long ride home. Not for lack of good morals or will or resolve. The battle for belonging here slipped under my skin like…

Life Mind

It All Starts Here With You. Where Will You Be?

Here holds plenty of room for all we are. Here holds our deep desire to know we can last. The long wait of lasting will always start with the simple act of staying. The first sentence was six years in the making. The second,…

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