Hi, I’m Rachel. I help people find out why now is enough. And how it’s the way to get relief from the rest.

Life moves fast. All the more reason to slow down and see what it means to you. The only way to get there is to be here. And you can start now.

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For years, I ran away from right now. I wanted to be anywhere but here.

If you’ve ever waited on life to get better or wanted to get away from the worst, you know what I mean.

We try to make our lives all at once. But our effort is never enough. We need to get relief for our time, for our lives, and for our minds.

Here has news for the ages. Right now is the one place that gets you to the next place. The best way there is here. Now is the only way to next.

You don’t have to find more time but find yourself in the time you have. You don’t have to wait for life to be less difficult to be more meaningful.


In 2009, sickness partied inside me like it was 1999. I asked a lot of whys. Why has this happened to me? After one why too many I asked where. Where will I be?

I used to just see what might’ve been mine. Once, I saw my health code on a table of stratus clouds. I lost health, hair, community, understanding. I could stay there. For a while, I did.

I could turn back or go forward or defy logic and be where I was. I set up camp at the dark edge of being. To my belief system, I added: an edge is an entrance to your life.

I mixed time and place like an alchemist and out of the fire came presence and practice. Where I was going wasn’t as important as where I was. I saw the other side by staying with my life. It brought me right here.

You don’t need a different life. The life you have makes you different. Which means now is enough. But you have to discover it for yourself.

Life is too heavy to handle all at once. Get yourself some relief. Sign up for 5 Keys To Here Before There.

Start Here.






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