How to Choose What’s Best and Let Go of The Rest

There’s never one right choice to make. You put too much pressure on yourself. Take another deep breath.

You have to define what’s best for yourself. Most importantly, look for context. It changes.

But the power of choice never does.

So the next time you wonder if you made the right choice, remember the life you have right now is the best one to help. Since it can be hard to separate the best from the rest, here are five ways to get there.

choose best let go rest

The power of choice.

It thunders in war and famine on through peace and love. If power is an afterword to the story of a choice, what comes before?

We’re introduced to the match that lights the lamp. And we can take it with us. The road ahead has options. It comes down to turning on the light.

But sometimes we need a way out of our heads. Even this is a choice within a choice. First, we need a place to strike a match. Which is to say, should we hold on or let go?

Hold on or let go?

Hold on to the life you want for yourself.
Hold on to the people who make your life better.
Hold on to love.
Hold on to compassion.
Hold on to generosity.

Let go of the life others want for you.
Let go of the people who hold you back.
Let go of hate.
Let go of judgment.
Let go of consumerism.

Options aren’t inherently good or bad. This belief is too much work. Ask me how I know. Rather, it’s the way in which you use each choice to enrich your life. From this angle, everything is here to help you.

But we’re so afraid of cancer, losing our loved ones, unfulfilled dreams. They’re not first choices. However, it’s a clearer way to look at the things we don’t want in our lives. To stay interested in what happens next.

What happens when you hold on

What we hold on to tells us a lot. After all, what we keep shows us what we’re afraid to lose. We move cities, start over, get new lives, when as far as we need to go is an arm’s length. All we need to do is open our hands and look inside.

It’s the gift of sight. We witness whether the thing itself holds up in open hands. These are the ones worth holding on to.

When to let go

We hold on to things to determine their worth. Once we’ve weighed them, we can let them go. What’s important will keep.

Letting go is how you keep going. Stop using all your strength on stapling stuff down. Nothing lasts forever. But there’s plenty more for you to receive. First, you have to put down the stapler.

Let loose the fabric of your life meant to flow free. There’s no need to rip it to shreds. But if it tears, move on even still. It can wave in the wind as a banner of bold choices. To hold things loose enough to fit in what a gift it is to have anything at all.

The best versus the rest.

Choices are personal. So think of them as your distinct design. What colors do you want to use? Do you prefer wood or metal? Cozy or spare?

The tones you create with are your personal best. Your unique style. Especially, how you make a life.

The rest? They’re not what could have been or should have been. In fact, the rest hold up the best and make them shine brighter.


In the end, when the path is tough to see, strike a match: decide whether to hold on or let go.

Pay attention to what happens when you hold on.

Then, you’ll know when to let go.

The best is what you use to create a unique style.

Therefore, the rest isn’t what could’ve been or should’ve been.

At last, you can let go of the rest. You chose the best.

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