These 7 Sentences Get You To Where You Belong

You’re closer to where you belong than you think. Mere sentences. Seven to be exact.

There’s no use writing anything else here. Now you want to know what the sentences are. Read on to find them.


Where do you belong?

It’s like when we know we have to do something hard. We know what’s coming. Not exactly what. But the kind of what. The kind that makes us think, No anything except this. It takes too long. I’m not prepared enough.

We see finding where we belong as a search. And it is. But behind every good search are the sentences. They hold up the landscape and encourage us to say what it looks like.

The road is long. I’m not sure. But I want to keep going. This place is beautiful. I need more time.


Don’t be afraid to find out.

What a chigger bite. Our skin itches and we scratch. Of course, we’re afraid to see where we are. We’re not far enough. We want to have moved on. We busted our tails to stir up dust around the horrible pain and missing piece with no match.

But where are they after the dust settles? We don’t want to look and know what we’ll find. They’re still here.

We find out where we fit between our stall and our stop.

We don’t have to be afraid. The worst case is we’ll be somewhere. It’s good news. From here, we just need to find our way home.


Or to be where you’re at home.

This one’s a doozy. We go home all the time. We come back again and again.

But does anyone know where we live?

We could sleepwalk ourselves there and not know why we call it home.

It’s about time we found out why we’ve made it our place. There are no misfits. Only people who are making their way.


Make a place for yourself.

Which means loving ourselves. But we like logic, help us. And love is illogical. Loving ourselves might be the most irrational.

Then again, making a place for ourselves is growing us in our hearts. We’re reborn.

First, to begin. It’s illogical. The end is uncertain. Still, we start. The first step doesn’t make sense. But. The first move builds a bridge. Thank the stars and heavens and a powerful Patronus Charm for the bridge. Here are our logical steps. We had faith we could use them.

Loving yourself is illogical. Start anyway. Then, build a bridge. It’s the logical thing to do.


Start with where you are.

There’s nowhere else. Now is all we’ve got. But it’s not the whole truth.

First, we start. Without it we have nothing. We start with where we are.

What begins with us?

The Earth was always round. But it was round again when we discovered it. The day is always vibrant with life. But the day is rich with life again when we discover it.

When insight looks like it’s ending, be at peace. Everything has already begun. But it begins again with you.


Be at peace with your place.

Or we’ll rage, raise noise like the cicadas at night. We’ll create our unrest. We’ll be anything but what we want to be the most.

All roads lead to home. We can travel far away and be what we like almost as much until we’re ready to be what we want more than all the rest.

Peace is the person who makes a place.


Invite others who need one, too.

We run into our own belonging when we invite others along. It rushes in when we slow down and look around our place. We can’t see it overnight. But we can start with a garden or a fire pit or a hiking trail.

When all else fails, offer one welcome. Be in one place. Go from there.


Where do you belong? Start where you are. Don’t go. Stay. It feels like a risk. But it won’t be the same place for long. You’ll see something new. A place for you and them, too.


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