The Great Myth Of Perfect Timing: Rethinking The Right Place At The Right Time

Perfect timing is a myth.

In 1915 Albert Einstein printed his general theory of relativity. One of the most brilliant discoveries took the world over 100 years to prove.

What does this have to do with perfect timing? More than we think.

Albert Einstein showed how space curves where there’s matter. But not only does space curve; time does too.

We each experience time differently. Which relieves us of the ideal that there is model time. We can find our truth in what we have left.

perfect timing, the right place at the right time

Fiction is scarier than the truth.

Albert Einstein didn’t wait until he knew the world would understand his theory. He didn’t publish a theory he knew would be easier to accept. He gave us what he saw.

It’s all we can ask of anyone and ourselves: to give what we have.

But we’re conditioned to believe a fictional life is better than a real life. Most of the time, fiction is scarier than the truth. We imagine opportunities are lost forever and there’s never enough. In truth, we lost our house keys and there’s not enough food in the refrigerator for dinner.

Debunk the legend.

How can we tell ourselves the truth?

Find the part of you that still believes fiction is greater than the truth. Ask yourself why you want reality to be less than it is. Touch your palpating fear and put it to rest.

Derail that ish.

Lay a new track.

Ride it to real life.

It will be a wild trip.

But it will be yours.

You have a unique experience with time. You don’t need a different life. The life you have makes you different.

The time you have is a perfect fit.

We can’t miss what’s made for us. Our tragedies and our victories are a new mold.

What’s happening now is the heart of what we have.

We want to make the most of the time we have. But we have the hardest time choosing the most important part of what’s in front of us.

What line will we draw first on the portrait? What height do we want the sun to be in our picture? Where is the right thing the right way at the right time? We have more choices, and less focus, than ever.

But why do we want to believe in perfect timing?

For one, we want to live in a world where we reimagine our stories. Where tragedy and grief don’t bury us but lift us to higher ground.

We want our circumstances to be a life cycle, not a death sentence. We want to bring our greatest selves to light.

Rethink the right place at the right time.

Look around. Why can’t right now be the right place? What can’t it be with you in it?

Try this: Start living like there’s nothing to miss. Stop living like you’re missing it.

Stuff will happen. Tough stuff. This doesn’t mean you missed it. It means you don’t have to take a break from your life for stuff to break. Life can be fragile. But you’re strong.

Most of all, you don’t need to fix it. You need to free it from perfection.


If the right place at the right time is the green grass inside the gate,

we’re the gatekeepers who locked it. We hold the keys. All along they jingled in our pocket. The song that woke us from sleep.

What’s possible for you right now if perfect timing is a myth?


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Is life a blur? Slow down and see clearer with 5 Keys To Here Before There. It's free! 
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