The Biggest Lie About Slowing Down And What Finding The Truth Means For You

The biggest lie about slowing down is how it will change our lives.

That is the life-changing part – we don’t need different lives. We don’t need to reset our lives but rest in our lives.

Rest isn’t bland or weak. It’s a vibrant resistance to leaving before recovering our strongest selves. It’s essential to stick with a slower place to stay where we are.

The faster we go, the less it feels like we’re moving. We’re floating; we’re defying freaking gravity.

The slower we go, the more we absorb. We embrace the weight of how much we love the sound of birds. Or the sense to look around.

It’s a cultural issue of feeling forward movement. Often we associate fast with more and slow with less.

the biggest lie about slowing down
The biggest lie about slowing down has a lot to do with our greatest longing. We want to know what our lives mean. That struggles aren’t only struggles and schedules aren’t only schedules.

Some of us are waiting for a good reason to give up weightlessness and walk on the ground again. Feel the earth move under our feet (sing it, Carole King) like it’s our jam.

We don’t have to change our lives for this. Our lives don’t need to change to feel the impact of where we are.

Slowing down is a change of pace not a change of place.


—> We shouldn’t slow down if our central goal is to see change. But we should find different ways to look at the same life. A simpler pace will give us a clearer look at what speed makes a blur. It’s brutal. What if we want an altered state of being? What is the value of slowing down if we can’t cherry-pick what we see?

Slow living is a challenge, far more than a change. A notch down in pace is a small change. The big focus is on our commitment to the slight change.


—> We should slow down if we want to see what we’ve been missing. This is what first stuns us. We expect to cuddle the fluffy kittens of joy only to draw back cut from a lion’s claw. Now we are paying attention.

What we’re missing isn’t categorized. We are in wild territory.


—> What we miss turns into the time we mean. We make back what we didn’t see before many times over.

How is it possible? Everything is alive when we are aware. Everything is already living.

Paying attention is how life comes together. Deep down, isn’t this what we want? For our lives to come together.


—> Every time five things are alive when we’re overwhelmed, 50 things are living when we are mindful. Being one place will show us a great deal more than failing to be in more than one place.


Slowing down will puncture holes in our put-together lives. For a time it will be a long night. But we will hold the pierced canvas up to the moon and make stars.

Under those stars is both an oasis and a desert. We will thirst and quench our thirst. Slowing down isn’t a solution, but it’s a start.


What area of your life could be a starting point instead of a solution?


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Is life a blur? Slow down and see clearer with 5 Keys To Here Before There. It's free! 
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