Belonging In The Right Place At The Right Time

I struggled with what was right for a long time. Belonging in the right place at the right time was a long ride home.

Not for lack of good morals or will or resolve. The battle for belonging here slipped under my skin like a splinter. A small piece of debris turned into a significant pain.

For a long time, I thought to remove the splinter would be to find the heart of what harmed me. I walked around with that splinter far longer than I had to. All I needed was to engage in what happened here. That I wouldn’t wait to pick up a pair of tweezers and take it out.


We’re searching for a meaningful connection to where we are. Which means we have to let go of what harms us and stay with what helps us. It doesn’t mean to be unharmed, but to be present in our pain as a form of help. And we’re always in the right place for this.

What arms and impedes us is vast, and we can’t always prepare for what it weighs. We aren’t meant to carry more than what we can sustain at the present moment. The present is a precise measurement of where we are.

Weight is the voice that presses through time and place to level us here. The right place is right here. What a relief.


What The “Right Place” Is

The right place is anywhere as long as it’s one place at a time. Belonging comes from each moment we won’t be long. Belonging is a cumulative becoming and the view from presence. We don’t need to vie for a position; we all get the best place.

But the right place can be a person too. It’s the only way being is a vast victory. We won’t always win on the outside, but we can win within ourselves. We can’t win without ourselves.

What happens here has to be a meeting of place and person. A shared vision of how where we are looks on who we are. The joining of person and place is better than a mirror; it’s a meaningful message between us and this instant. We don’t have to be sure of what is, to know what isn’t.


What The “Right Place” Isn’t

If there is a shortcoming, I’m a good record-keeper. I’m better at remembering how they or I have failed humanity more than how we’ve succeeded. But over the past few years, I’ve started to see another side. A shortcoming is another way to remember coming to any place is short.

We can make it. It’s one brief moment and then another, after all. There isn’t a long wait, and there isn’t a list to get on. Or a race or class or weight requirement.

There isn’t an exclusion based on education. There isn’t anything but us and whether we will stay. And since it’s the one that helped me first find what the right place isn’t: there’s no health evaluation, either. Everyone’s in if they’ll come.


Belonging In The Right Place

We want to be in the right place, but it won’t be the last time we feel set up in the wrong one. Our present should never be based on someone else’s past recommendation. It’s the unique, eccentric, simple way we’re here.

Being in the right place is personal. I was in the right spot once I’d moved on from all that had gone wrong. I set the overwhelming mass of each burden back where it belonged for the simple shape of a current moment conformed to my being.

Existence is an open door we enter and a house of belonging for those who come often. We’re made resilient by looking at what we’ve endured through the window of what we have.

When we don’t stay in the moment we separate ourselves from what we have. Staying close to what’s happening now is the best way to keep what matters most. Who doesn’t want to know where they belong?


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