Crossing The Perimeter

If you’ve already taken steps toward intentional living, you might know this: it’s only the beginning. You sense there’s more than calming your life. Every second is a reset to your story. You want more than a dizzy whirl of life. You want layer after delicious layer. Something shakes loose like an old snake skin; another life lived somewhere forgotten. After you’ve slowed down and stayed present, what then? Intentional living has an edge, and you’ve come to it. Are you ready to cross the perimeter?

Living On The Other Side

On the other side, intentional living is more than choosing what’s most important. It’s not your only victory or your only gift. Setting a deliberate pace opens a life once secret. Intentional living is more than a new space to enter. Intentional living is a set of nesting objects; one moment inside another inside another. Moments hold meaning but also reflect meaning. Moments are mirrors. They show you what you value and what you see. And if you keep looking, they’ll show you life on the other side.







Intentional Living has an edge. Are you ready to cross the perimeter?
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