Finding Your Edge

An edge is an entrance to your life.

If you’ve already taken steps toward intentional living, you might know this: it’s only the beginning. Being in tune with your intentions sends you on an adventure to the edge. Of what you know. Of what you assume. Of what you want. Accomplishing what you aim for brings you to the brink of who you are. But what if the end of the line is an edge with another side? Limits shake loose like an old snakeskin. Every second is a reset to your story. Finding your next step means turning your biggest limit into your greatest advantage.

Crossing The Line

Crossing the line is your greatest adventure.

Intentional living is more than choosing what’s most important. It’s a deep way of living that depends on going beyond where you are. If you keep moving, you’ll come to centers of yourself and edges of yourself. Centers are populated and convenient. It’s tempting to stay in places where comforts are better preserved. The outskirts loom but are unlocked. Crossing the line is making a home in a wild, unpopulated new world. The best prerequisite to an adventure is the unknown.

Forming Life On The Other Side

Moving forward is essential to making a life.

Sometimes it’s easy to want to skip to this step or skip this step altogether. The great flaw is intentions aren’t enough. But there’s also a great force: Being intentional means being invitational. It’s crucial. Until we allow ourselves and our life to belong, we don’t know where we are. What seems like the end of the line could be an edge with another side. You just have to keep going.







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