Choosing To Stay

Meet Rachel





Why don’t you stay?

It’s not what you think. Why would staying be worth it? You have a lot of responsibilites. Do you feel the pressure to do but also the purpose to be? So much of knowing where you are is a matter of knowing who you are. Is the journey difficult? Is it a struggle? Good, good. It means you’re unwilling to part with the present. It means you’re choosing to stay. But choosing to stay is only the beginning.

How will you make a comeback?

Have you ever known you missed out on a moment? You can imagine the way it might’ve felt to show up to an exact opportunity. Maybe you tried to recreate an experience to regain a memory. But something shook loose like an old snake skin; another life lived somewhere forgotten. Except, your most attentive self believes in the power of a comeback. The vivid you who doesn’t remain idle to loss of time opens a way. You can be here to stay.

The only thing your moments are missing is you.
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